Monday, December 12, 2016

Blog #10: Connected Learning and Writing Assessment

Connected Learning and Writing Assessment
By Andaiye Hall

I am no stranger to connected learning. This past summer I had an introduction to this whole new world of incorporating digital literacy. I believe that the best people to do writing assessment would be people with no ego and open minds. I think even though these people exist it can be very hard to find them. If you are lucky to find someone with an open mind they could still have an ego to go with that or vice versa. It goes both ways so I think that we are no where near to discovering the ideal writing assessment. As much as technology is developing we still need humans behind the computer. As long as humans are involved they are perfectly imperfect so we are highly unlikely to have fully fair assessments made. Someone always think they know more than someone else and that id not true. We are all still growing and learning.

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